10 Ways To Clean Gutters Without Using a Ladder

How To Clean My Gutters Without Using a Ladder
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Cleaning your gutters can be expensive, tasking, and potentially dangerous, depending on your solution. As such, you should learn the best and most effective methods of cleaning your gutter, even if you don’t have access to a ladder.

10 ways to clean gutters without using a ladder

  1. Telescoping gutter cleaning wand
  2. Special gutter cleaning tool
  3. Pressure washer extension wand
  4. Gutter vacuum
  5. Leaf blower
  6. Gutter tongs
  7. Gutter leaf guard
  8. Gutter cleaner solution
  9. Gutter cleaning brush
  10. Hire a professional

Methods for how to clean gutters without a ladder

There are a lot of different methods that can help you clean your gutter without ever needing to head to the roof.

Pressure washer

One method that you can use involves using a pressure washer. Pressure washers are convenient as they can thoroughly clean your gutters using intense water pressure. However, remember that it can be messy as the water and the debris can begin flying around once you turn it on.

For this method, it is essential that you wear all of the key safety gear and not underestimate the water pressure’s strength. If you misuse your pressure washer, it can lead to issues such as wounds and electric shock.

How to use a pressure washer

Step 1: Connect the pressure washer to a gutter extension after wearing all the safety equipment.

Step 2: Place the end of the pressure washer on top of the gutter. Ensure that the nozzle faces the opposite direction from you.

Step 3: Turn on the pressure washer and run it across the entire length of the gutter.

Step 4: Use the pressure washer to wash away any other small debris from the drain.

Gutter Vacuum

You can also clean gutters using a gutter vacuum to suck in the debris. For this method, you have to purchase extensions that connect to your vacuum. Using a vacuum can end up being a cleaner method of unblocking your gutters since instead of pushing all the debris around, it sucks it in and stores it in one place.

It would also help if you also had a garden hose to wash away all of the other waste.

How to use a vacuum

Step 1: Connect the extensions to the gutter vacuum cleaner and stand a few inches away from the gutter.

Step 2: Turn on the vacuum and put the end of the extension right on top of the gutter.

Step 3: Slowly run the end of the vacuum across the entire length of the gutter.

Step 4: Using a hose, run water down the gutter to completely remove any other leaves and debris.

Leaf blower

A leaf blower is also a good solution for helping to clean your gutters since it is a powerful tool that can even get rid of tough substances. However, leaf blowers can create a mess since they blow all the leaves everywhere. If dirty water is in your gutters, it can even be even more problematic to clean up.

With the right extension, a leaf blower can help blow away dirt and debris that can clog your gutters. It will also effectively clean up thicker sticks depending on the pressure. In a financial sense, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a leaf blower is not too expensive, and you can also use the device to clean leaves from other places.

Leaf blowers can be expensive, ranging from $150 to around $200 for a good quality product. However, some models can cost as low as $50 to $60 if they come with a cord.

How to use a leaf blower

Step 1: Connect the extensions to the leaf blower and place the extension on top of the gutter.

Step 2: Turn on the leaf blower and blow all of the debris away while you move from one end of the gutter to the other.

Step 3: Take a hose and flush out any remaining leaves and dirt.

Gutter tongs

Gutter tongs tend to be lightweight tools that are effective in cleaning loose debris from your gutter. They use a claw-like motion to grab the debris so you can remove them directly. Unlike the other tools, it can take much longer for you to clean the gutter since you will be removing the debris manually instead of relying on strong pressure.

On average, gutter tongs can cost around $60, and since they don’t come with any moving electrical parts, they will not be too difficult to maintain.

How to use gutter tongs

Step 1: Attach the tongs to an extension pole but refrain from twisting as it can damage the tongs.

Step 2: Bring the tongs on top of the gutter and adjust your position so you can retrieve the debris using the tongs.

Step 3: Your tongs should have a small cord to help them make a grabbing motion. Pull the cord to gather as much debris as you can from the gutter.

Step 4: Lift the tongs away and place the debris in a small section to limit the mess.

Step 5: Use a hose and flush out the remaining debris.

DIY gutter cleaner

Hire a professional

While it is the most expensive solution on the list, it can also be the most convenient and safest method of cleaning your gutters without having to use a ladder personally. Furthermore, hiring a professional means that they have all the essential tools for cleaning gutters thoroughly, thus saving you from the issue of purchasing and storing equipment.

A typical semi-detached house typically requires around four or five hours for a professional to clean the gutters effectively. Since semi-detached homes can be very tall, so including the cost of scaffolding, it can cost around $430 to $530.

Safety considerations for cleaning your gutters without a ladder

Before we look into the different cleaning methods, there are a few considerations you have to make for your safety. For any of the cleaning methods you choose, you should wear safety goggles to keep leaves and other debris from your eyes, which is important for cleaning without a ladder since you can’t see what you are doing.

As for your clothing, you should wear course and thick gloves that help prevent you from getting cuts when handling any of the tools. You should also wear a long-sleeved shirt to prevent any small scratches from falling leaves. While it may sound over the top, you should also wear a helmet.

A helmet is advantageous because some items you want to carry may be heavy. Depending on your strength, it can be challenging to keep the extensions still, so you’ll want to protect your head carefully. It can also protect the sensitive skin on your face from being cut by small wooden sticks, branches, and more.

Preparing to clean your gutters

Besides all the safety equipment, you will also need to make preparations that may make it much easier for you. For example, if you want a view of your gutters before you clean them, you can get a small video camera and attach it to the end of a long pole.

The video camera should not be too heavy, nor should you use an expensive one since you’ll have to duct tape it to the pole. An example of a pole you can use is a metal curtain rod. Next, you should tape the video camera to the pole.

Hit record and head outside to film the state of the gutters. After using the video camera, check the recording to see if there are any significant obstacles. If the gutters look too challenging to clean or there’s a sizable obstruction you cannot easily move without seeing, consult a professional.

How to keeping your gutter clean

There are a few things you can do for you to be able to clean your gutters more effectively in the future. One is to install gutter guards that prevent the build-up of dirt, leaves, twigs, and other items in your gutter.

Gutter guards can be pretty expensive and, on average, can cost around $900. However, it is also possible to purchase cheaper options at only $100 to $200, bearing in mind that they will be of less quality.

Another way to make cleaning your gutter easier is to develop a schedule where you lightly hose it down once a month. Regular maintenance can prevent any debris from sticking to your gutter and causing damages that are difficult to fix on your own. It can also prevent your gutters from clogging more often.


One method of cleaning your gutter involves using a gutter vacuum with extensions. You can also use a leaf blower, gutter tongs, and a hose with gutter attachments. Alternatively, you can also hire a specialist to clean your gutters thoroughly, though this can be expensive.

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